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No matter what happens to other sectors of the industrial market, a man tends to resist all compromises on food, making the job of serving food a safe bet. After all, even the Spanish popularly believe that “the belly rules the mind”. On a fine day back in 1988, one young Mr. Madan Bhanja picked up this very rudimentarily bright seed of entrepreneurial genius and decided to plant it by starting his own catering business. Beginning his steady and long climb up the ladder of success, he swiftly managed to attract a decent clientele for weddings, parties and other such formal and informal occasions alike, purely relying on quality and honesty of services & supplies.


As business picked up, he already had his own office in the heart of South Delhi tagged with robust employees, wide paraphernalia and loyal customers by the end of the 1990’s. He had also decided to diversify his line of focus to availing outdoor events and decoration services for mass get-togethers, which proved to be a wise call by handing Mr. Bhanja another big slice of the success pie. Soon, blooming out to become a major name to recon with in the catering business of the Nation’s capital compelled him to open yet another base office in Kalkaji a few years later.


Today, entailing to thousands of consumers, Mr. Bhanja’s venture of Aristocrat Caterers, Events & Decorators vows to devote heart and soul to bring a smile on the faces of their clients. Adding a Sweet and Confectionery shop to their list of assets has further added to their fame. They may not be the text-bookish presidential delivery men, but they are sure out to cast an impression with quality.       



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Aristocrat Caterers

The way to one’s heart leads through the stomach. Aristocrat Caterers are dedicated to serving piping hot platters of some of the most popularly renowned Bengali, Mughlai, Punjabi & Chinese delicacies along with a tantalizing range of desserts & beverages for gatherings round the calendar.


Aristocrat Events & Decorators

Since beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, Aristocrat Events and Decorators make it their purposeful intent to innovate in every aspect of outdoor décor in order to create some of the most exquisite ambiences for those special moments with friends, acquaintances & family.


Aristocrat Sweet Shop

Every jaw-line has a sweet tooth. Located in the heart of Delhi’s mini Kolkata, Aristocrat Sweet Shop churns out some of the most sumptuous evening meals, desserts, sweets & confectionaries, maintaining optimal quality amongst all by retaining that original East-side flavour in their products.       


"Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were."

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Aristocrat Caterers
Shop No.9, Market No.1,
Chittaranjan Park,
New Delhi-110019.

DDA Flats Kalkaji,
New Delhi-110019.